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The Federation of European Tank Storage associations

Tank Storage means the storage of large quantities of liquids in bulk. These products stored typically include crude oil and derived products, chemicals and edible oils and fats. These products are owned by third parties, our customers. Tank Storage Companies act as custodians and provide an interface between various modes of transport.

  • The Federation of European Tank Storage Associations, FETSA combines the interests of the Independent Tank Storage business in:
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • The United Kingdom
    • The Netherlands
    • Turkey
    • Poland
    • Hungary
  • The designation European in the name of the Federation matches the geographical scope of the Council of Europe (45 countries).
  • FETSA is an umbrella organisation, which means that its members are National Tank Storage Associations, however an individual Tank Storage Company can become Associated Member in the absence of a National Association in the country where its operations are based.
  • FETSA encourages the establishment of National Tank Storage Associations.
  • Many of the Tank Storage Companies thus involved in FETSA are true international operators, among which several belong the world's top five in size.
  • Size in Tank Storage means storage capacity measured in cubic metres, within the FETSA contour about 70 million plus cubic metres are counted which is way above the worlds independent storage capacity.

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